Blackford, Radiobotics enter commercial partnership

Blackford and Radiobotics are entering a commercial partnership to bring RBfracture and RBknee to healthcare professionals via the Blackford Platform.

Blackford provides healthcare professionals access to a portfolio of more than 125 AI products designed to drive clinical accuracy and efficiency and improve patient outcomes. Blackford said by integrating Radiobotics’s advanced technology into the Blackford Platform, the company can offer healthcare providers more powerful tools to automate fracture detection on x-ray images and analyzing knee x-rays for osteoarthritis.

RBfracture, a clinical decision-support tool, uses machine learning to automatically detect fractures on x-ray images in seconds. RBfracture can also detect joint effusions and lipohemarthrosis, highlighting more subtle indications of fractures. RBknee meanwhile is an automated system for analyzing knee x-rays for osteoarthritis.

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