20/20 Imaging adds digital penning analysis tool

2018 03 22 17 05 9106 Neck Shoulder Pain 400

20/20 Imaging, a division of Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, has added a digital penning analysis tool for chiropractors to its arsenal.

The Penning Analysis tool is designed to help chiropractors determine and document flexion and extension motion in the cervical spine. It works with the company's Opal-Chiro Digital Retrofit DR software and was developed in conjunction with a chiropractor.

The process of penning analysis is beneficial when evaluating neck and spine injuries and can help identify irregular or pathological spine problems, such as hyper- or hypomobility, according to 20/20 Imaging. When done manually, penning analysis requires measuring the degree of motion on multiple radiographic films.

The Penning Analysis tool digitizes this process by allowing users to annotate digital images with key measurement areas. The software then uses the annotations to automatically calculate range of motion.

In addition, the software lists normal ranges gathered from peer-reviewed literature and highlights deviations with the percent difference. It also features alteration of motion segment integrity function to help locate and substantiate spinal subluxation severity.

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