Canon's RadPro DR offering now available

Canon USA has announced that its RadPro Delinia 200 digital x-ray acquisition cart is now available. The system was showcased as a work-in-progress at the AHRA meeting in August.

The system eases the transition to digital radiography (DR) by transporting Canon CXDI-701C/801C/401C wireless detectors with autodetection mode.

RadPro Delinia 200 comes with a computer, access point, touchscreen monitor, detector holder, and choice of the Canon CXDI-701C, CXDI-801C, or CXDI-401C wireless DR detectors.

With the autodetection mode, the system will detect x-rays at exposure and shift to image acquisition mode automatically, without the use of a typical x-ray generator, cabling, or special interfacing, Canon said.

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