Carestream launches CR tools for chiropractors

Carestream Health has announced the availability of new measurement tools for chiropractic professionals who use its computed radiography (CR) systems with acquisition/mini-PACS software.

Carestream's Vita CR systems combined with Image Suite software equips chiropractors with automated tools designed to enhance speed and performance of chiropractic measurements, the firm said.

The new measurement tools include the following:

  • A line extension tool that measures the distance of a line connecting two points while extending the line through the anatomy
  • Cervical curve and lumbar curve measurement tools
  • Vertical and horizontal measurement tools to determine how far two points are from each other relative to a vertical or horizontal axis
  • George's line tool comparing the posterior margins between multiple vertebrae along the spinal column
  • Lippman-Cobb angle tool to help measure the curvature of the spine of scoliosis patients
  • Goniometry tool to measure angular alteration of the leg alignment
  • Coxometry tool to measure horizontal misalignment of the hip joints
  • Gonstead tool to measure various points of the hip joints
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