Shimadzu prepares new angiography launches for ECR 2013

Shimadzu will be unveiling its Trinias F12 and C12 angiography series at next month's ECR in Vienna.

The multipurpose systems support both cardiovascular and angiographic procedures, according to the vendor. Trinias F12 features a floor-mounted C-arm, while C12 is a ceiling-mounted system.

Both Trinias systems feature a 12 x 12-inch (30 x 30-cm) flat-panel detector that can support a range of vascular interventions, from cerebral, cardiac, and abdominal blood vessels to peripheral blood vessels in the upper and lower extremities, Shimadzu said.

The flat-panel detector's field size can be switched in five steps to a maximum of 12 x 12 inches. The 4.5-inch minimum field size supports cardiovascular and neurointerventions, Shimadzu said.

The Trinias series also includes technology for reducing patient dose and increasing fluoroscopic image quality; a design to provide for easy operation with a quick response time; comprehensive x-ray dose management functionality; and patient and operator comfort features, according to the company.

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