Shimadzu readies ECR launch of R/F system

Shimadzu will be debuting its Sonialvision G4 radiography/fluoroscopy (R/F) system during the upcoming ECR in Vienna.

Sonialvision G4 features a 43 x 43-cm flat-panel digital detector and can cover a wide range of examinations, according to the vendor. The system's detector size provides for an extensive imaging area, Shimadzu said.

Shimadzu said it has also incorporated its Shimadzu Ultimate Real-time Enhancement Engine (SUREengine) technology and its premium application software, which includes support for applications such as tomosynthesis for general radiographic imaging.

Slot-scanning functionality can be utilized for long-length image examination in the orthopedic field, Shimadzu said. In other additions, the grid can be removed from the table, allowing for a lower dose in pediatrics and gynecology applications.

The universal table can support a patient load of up to 318 kg in the horizontal position.

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