GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare will introduce RXi, a new remote radiography/fluoroscopy system that is compact and fully functional for tabletop, tomographic, and dynamic imaging.


RXi is designed to conduct exams in hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers where space is limited. Its low-dose capabilities make it advantageous for gastrointestinal and vascular exams. Variable-speed scanning movement is controlled from identical tableside and control room console panels.

In the realm of dynamic digital imaging, Innova 4100 and Innova 3100 are the Waukesha, WI, company's digital cardiovascular imaging systems with flat-panel technology.

The systems incorporate GE's bolus chase design, using the company's flat-panel detector technology to allow physicians to more clearly see the vessels and anatomy from the abdomen down through the legs. The technique is useful for applications such as lower leg arterial run-off procedures.

By Robert Bruce contributing writer
November 11, 2004

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