R/F departments going digital

Radiography/fluoroscopy (R/F) departments in U.S. hospitals with 150 or more beds performed an estimated 12.5 million procedures in 2002, according to a study recently published by market research firm IMV Medical Information Division of Des Plaines, IL.

Of these 12.5 million procedures, 5.1 million were R/F studies, while 7.4 million were radiographic only, IMV said. Sixty-two percent of the R/F studies were GI contrast studies, with myelography and urinary studies each contributing 9%. Bone/orthopedic/joint studies provided 7%, while ERCP studies also made up 7% of the RF procedures.

While the proportion of R/F procedure types has been relatively stable, R/F departments are moving towards digital imaging, said IMV senior director, market research, Lorna Young. As of the IMV's 2003 Radiographic Fluoroscopy Census, 68% of the R/F units can acquire images digitally and 32% can't, IMV said. However, 90% of the units installed from 1999 to 2003 can acquire digital images.

By AuntMinnie.com staff writers
July 16, 2004

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