Toshiba America Medical Systems

Toshiba of Tustin, CA will feature its Infinix VC-i series platform for interventional and cardiovascular exams with new architecture based on dual PC processors.

Toshiba Xra Infinix incorporates a one-megapixel CCD with real-time processing, dose management, and full DICOM capability. A simple upgrade allows conversion to a works-in-progress dynamic flat-panel detector, Toshiba said. The system itself has FDA clearance, and sells from $800,000 to the high $900,000 range.

Tosrad Plus is a new version of the Tosrad, an all-digital R/F system with table tilt of 90/45, 80kW generator, one-megapixel CCD imaging, multitasking digital processor, DICOM work list management, and choice of image intensifier sizes: 12-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch. It also will be able to be equipped with a work-in-progress flat-panel detector upgrade.

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