Orex Computed Radiography

Yokneam, Israel-based Orex is showing an upgraded version of its D-CR products this year, including a new line that will address mammography and bone densitometry.

Orex Xra New features and products include increased speed up to 75 cassettes an hour on a single scanner, and up to 150 cassettes per hour on the dual scanner; an acquisition matrix of 2,000 x 2,500 and optional 4,000 x 5,000 pixels; a compact footprint 50% smaller than the current model; a lighter weight of 88 pounds; and a mobile cart with an integrated “plug-and-scan” technology.

Scanner systems include the new PcCR 1417 ACLxy, which scans up to 75 plates per hour, and the RAIS II ACLxy (redundant array integrated system), which scans 150 plates per hour.

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