Kodak survey: DR purchasing to pick up

Buyer interest in digital radiography systems may be on the rise, if a survey by computed radiography and DR vendor Eastman Kodak is any indication.

The Rochester, NY-based firm conducted a survey at the 2000 RSNA meeting to gain an understanding of healthcare providers' selection factors and installation plans for DR systems. In all, 252 booth attendees (including radiologists, administrators, and technologists) offered their opinions on selection factors, technology benefits, and plans to purchase the systems. U.S. participants accounted for 68% of the total audience polled, with the remaining participants divided among more than 20 countries.

Almost half of the respondents are planning to purchase DR systems -- 60% within the next two years, according to Kodak. The company also learned that more than 70% of the participants had x-ray film equipment that was six years or older, although some of these sites have already replaced the systems with DR.

The participants expect the most important benefits of DR to be (in order): improved workflow, immediate access to images, fewer retakes, automatic distribution of images, and improved image manipulation, according to Kodak.

The prospective purchasers also plan on taking advantage of DR's synergies with PACS. Half of the survey respondents said they already have PACS components or a full PACS network.

By AuntMinnie.com staff writers
March 27, 2001

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