Kromek highlights Spectrum's integration of its detectors

2020 05 29 22 07 5044 Ct Scanner Bore 400

Radiation technology developer Kromek Group is highlighting that Spectrum Dynamics Medical has introduced Veriton-CT 300, which incorporated Kromek's digital detectors.

Part of Spectrum's digital SPECT/CT imaging portfolio, Veriton-CT 300 has detector technology that Kromek says increases sensitivity and throughput for nuclear medicine clinical imaging applications that use up to 300 keV high-energy isotopes.

Kromek also said its digital detectors, combined with Spectrum's 360-degree, wide-bore SPECT/CT scanner and its advanced image reconstruction algorithms, increase the energy range up to 300 keV. This approach shortens scan times associated with current analog or state-of-the-art digital technology, according to Kromek.

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