Week in review: Challenges for radiology AI | Managing side effects of theranostics | 11.7-tesla MRI

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The spring radiology conference season was in full swing this week. The International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) and the International Society for MR Radiographers and Technologists (ISMRT) held their annual meeting and exhibition in Singapore, while the American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS) hosted their 124th annual meeting in Boston.

Not surprisingly, coverage from those two meetings dominated our list of most highly viewed articles from last week. And a video interview from ISMRM 2024 with Charlene Liew, MD, director of cardiothoracic imaging at Changi General Hospital in Singapore, was in the top spot.

Liew, who had given a plenary talk earlier in the conference, described what she called the four horsemen of the radiology AI apocalypse – the key obstacles to integrating AI into the radiology department – and offered advice on how to address them.

Our third-most popular story included a video interview with ultrahigh-field MRI expert Nicolas Boulant, PhD, of the NeuroSpin research center in France. Click here to learn about his team’s early clinical experience with neuroimaging 20 subjects using 11.7-tesla MRI.

Other highly viewed articles from ISMRM 2024 featured research on how MR spectroscopic imaging can show the effects of HIV treatment on the brain and a discussion on the role of MRI in the emergency department.

Be sure to stop by our ISMRM 2024 RADCast for over 30 articles and video interviews.

Meanwhile, our second-most popular article this week included coverage of a presentation at ARRS 2024 on the potential complications that can occur during theranostics treatments. Also drawing attention was a story on how digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) can result in fewer breast cancer screening recalls among African American women.

Researchers have found consistent disparities among different races and sexes for the risk of not matching into diagnostic radiology residency programs, according to another ARRS 2024 presentation. But there are signs of improvement.

See the full list below of our most popular stories of the week:

  1. ISMRM: Beware the ‘four horsemen of the radiology AI apocalypse’
  2. ARRS: How to manage the side effects of radiopharmaceuticals
  3. ISMRM: 11.7-tesla MRI: ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly’
  4. ARRS: DBT leads to fewer recalls among African American women
  5. ISMRM: Radiology AI technology is here – and more is coming
  6. ISMRM: MRI shows effects of HIV treatment on the brain
  7. ISMRM: Does MRI have a role in the emergency department?
  8. ARRT awarded $50K in Tennessee RT case
  9. ISMRM: Advanced MRI techniques shed new light on multiple sclerosis
  10. ISMRM: Technologist inexperience leads to MRI accidents
  11. ISMRM: Pinker-Domenig discusses her research, the ‘buzz’ on AI, trauma imaging
  12. ARRS: Consistent disparities found in radiology residency match
  13. ISMRM: Is low-field MRI coming of age for lung imaging?
  14. ACR responds to Congressional query on AI reimbursement
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