Week in review: PET/MRI for pediatric cancer survivors | MRI reveals dementia risk | UltraCon coverage

Pediatric cancer patients who receive high-dose methotrexate (HDMTX) treatment may develop a brain injury due to damaging inflammation resulting from activation of microglia cells.

In a recent pilot study, a research team used PET/MRI to diagnose HDMTX-induced injury in pediatric cancer survivors and correlate these results with cognitive impairment. Using quantitative measures, they were able to tie methotrexate administration to the degree and location of specific brain injuries. Get all of the details in our most highly viewed story of the week.

Hearing loss has long been known as a risk factor for dementia. But MRI has revealed that the dementia risk from hearing loss is distinct from those that tend to be found with conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. Click here to learn more.

Coverage of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine's UltraCon conference in Austin, TX, also attracted considerable attention from AuntMinnie.com members this week. Our most popular article from UltraCon featured a video interview with industry veteran Omar Ishrak, PhD, on the future of ultrasound technology.

You can also listen to a discussion on ultrasound’s role in imaging dense breasts and learn how harmonic motion imaging can track breast tumor response to chemotherapy. Of interest to sonographers, work-related musculoskeletal disorders have been associated with burnout.

See the full list below of our most popular stories of the week:

  1. PET/MRI detects brain injury in pediatric cancer survivors
  2. MRI links hearing loss to increased dementia risk
  3. AI helps select patients for supplemental breast cancer screening
  4. UltraCon: Former Medtronic CEO talks ultrasound's future with AuntMinnie.com
  5. Can AI improve sustainability in nuclear medicine?
  6. AI can be used to ‘rule out’ breast cancer on mammography
  7. UltraCon: Expert talks ultrasound's role in imaging dense breasts
  8. UltraCon: Work-related MSK disorders tied to sonographer burnout
  9. UltraCon: Harmonic motion imaging tracks breast tumor response to chemo
  10. UltraCon: Ultrasound empowers patients with prosthetic limbs
  11. UltraCon: Machine learning predicts sonographer burnout
  12. AI model predicts invasiveness of lung cancer on CT scans
  13. UltraCon: How reliable is POCUS for pancreatic imaging?
  14. Experts say consider BMI when imaging patients with chest pain
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