4 ways radiology can enhance the patient experience
June 25, 2021 -- Patients are increasingly expecting more from their radiology experience. Paul Shumway of Novarad shares four suggestions for improving customer satisfaction in the COVID-19 era and beyond. Read More
Is there a role for deception in medical research?
June 24, 2021 -- Is there a role for deception -- most commonly, hiding the true purpose of a project -- in medical research? It depends, according to an article published June 22 in Academic Radiology in which researchers reviewed their experience with a 2017 radiology residency bias study that used the method. Read More
Prepare now for Medicare's AUC/CDS rules for imaging orders
June 23, 2021 -- Time is running out for radiology practices to ensure that they comply with Medicare's upcoming mandate for imaging exams to be ordered using appropriate use criteria (AUC) and clinical decision support (CDS). Sandy Coffta of Healthcare Administrative Partners explains what you should be doing now. Read More
What factors affect radiologists' mammography interpretations?
June 22, 2021 -- It's no secret that radiologists' interpretive accuracy on screening mammography can vary widely. But the particular factors that influence performance may come as a surprise, according to a study published June 22 in Radiology. Read More
Do radiologists need to manage patient expectations of AI?
June 22, 2021 -- As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to be developed and incorporated into healthcare, radiologists should consider how the technology's promise is being presented to the public -- and manage their expectations about when it will be standard of care, according to an opinion published June 17 in the Journal of the American College of Radiology. Read More
'Assistant' or 'associate'? ACR questions change in PA title
June 7, 2021 -- The American College of Radiology (ACR) has released a statement opposing the American Academy of Physician Assistants' (AAPA) decision to change the professional title of organization members to "physician associate." Read More
Oncology imaging errors are the most common cause of lawsuits
June 1, 2021 -- Oncologic imaging represents 44% of radiology malpractice cases with diagnostic allegations, according to a study published May 28 in the Journal of the American College of Radiology. Read More
10 questions to ask your enterprise imaging vendor
May 28, 2021 -- If you're looking to add an enterprise imaging platform to your department or practice, asking the right questions of potential vendors can make or break your success, according to a presentation delivered May 25 at the virtual Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine meeting. Read More
AI-based program helps follow up incidental lung nodules on CT
May 28, 2021 -- Incidental lung nodules on routine CT may develop into cancer. But they can be effectively tracked with a well-designed follow-up program based on artificial intelligence (AI), according to a May 25 talk at the virtual Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine meeting. Read More
COVID-19 pandemic forced big changes in radiology workflows
May 25, 2021 -- The COVID-19 pandemic forced major changes in radiology workflow, but the past year also had some silver linings and lessons for the future, according to speakers in a May 24 session at the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine annual meeting. Read More