Ulnar fractures on x-ray may be indicator of domestic violence
April 7, 2021 -- Up to one-third of adult women with ulnar fractures visible on x-ray may be the victims of intimate partner violence, according to new research published April 3 in the Journal of the American College of Radiology. Read More
Is media coverage of mammography biased toward optimism?
April 5, 2021 -- New research published in JAMA Internal Medicine suggests that media coverage about screening tests such as 3D mammography overstates benefits while downplaying harms and ignoring conflicts of interest. Read More
Daily chest x-rays not needed in COVID-19 patients
April 1, 2021 -- Chest x-rays are effective every three or four days rather than daily for monitoring disease progression in hospitalized COVID-19 patients, according to a study published in the March issue of the Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. Read More
Are physicians biased when reading black lung x-rays?
March 26, 2021 -- Physicians who are hired to provide a medical opinion in cases of black lung disease may be biased in favor of whoever is paying them to read the images, according to research published March 26 in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society. Read More
WHO recommends CAD with chest x-rays to fight tuberculosis
March 24, 2021 -- The World Health Organization (WHO) has updated its recommendations for tuberculosis screening to now include the use of computer-aided detection (CAD) applications in chest radiography, according to a presentation on March 23 organized by the International Society of Radiology. Read More
E/M coding and billing for interventional radiology
March 22, 2021 -- Understanding the nuances of evaluation and management (E/M) service billing will allow interventional radiology practices to maximize revenue from patient interactions surrounding interventional procedures. Erin Stephens of Healthcare Administrative Partners explains. Read More
AI identifies orthopedic implant make, model on radiographs
March 19, 2021 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can automatically identify orthopedic implant models on radiographs, aiding in preoperative planning of revision arthroplasty, according to a U.K. study published March 17 in Radiology: Artificial Intelligence. Read More
'Frankenstein' datasets, other flaws hamper COVID-19 AI studies
March 17, 2021 -- Promising results were reported in 2020 for many artificial intelligence (AI)-based image analysis algorithms for COVID-19 applications. But none of these reports are sufficient to support the readiness of AI for clinical use, according to a new U.K. study. Read More
Is uterine artery embolization underused for postpartum bleeding?
March 17, 2021 -- Uterine artery embolization is a better option than hysterectomy for women experiencing postpartum bleeding, but it may be underutilized, according to researchers at a March 16 news conference ahead of the Society of Interventional Radiology 2021 annual meeting. Read More
Radiologists perform most lumbar puncture procedures
March 9, 2021 -- The percentage of lumbar puncture procedures performed in the U.S. by radiologists has grown significantly over the last 14 years, according to research from the Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute published in the March issue of the American Journal of Neurology. Read More