AI can predict need for steroid treatments in COVID-19 patients
February 11, 2021 -- Deep learning-based analysis of chest CT exams can predict if COVID-19 patients will need to be treated with steroids, as well as monitor their progression, according to a recent webinar presentation. Read More
Deep-learning algorithm can detect, quantify aortic valve calcium
February 9, 2021 -- Researchers from South Korea reported that their artificial intelligence (AI) model was highly accurate for automatically detecting and quantifying aortic valve calcium on cardiac CT, even outperforming radiologist assessments in severe cases. Read More
Teleradiology sector provides clear ray of hope in COVID-19 era
February 9, 2021 -- How is teleradiology faring in the pandemic? How is artificial intelligence shaping the market? How do the major players compare and what does the future hold? Analyst Arun Gill gives some answers. Read More
New COVID-19 AI models offer promising results
February 8, 2021 -- Deep-learning models that have been trained on datasets from multiple institutions around the world yield promising and generalizable results for identifying COVID-19 pneumonia on chest CT exams, as well as in predicting adverse patient outcomes. Read More
AI for image interpretation: Friend or foe to radiologists?
February 4, 2021 -- Will using artificial intelligence (AI) for image interpretation tasks help radiologists enhance their value or will it eventually lead to fewer radiologist jobs? Point/counterpoint articles published online February 3 in the American Journal of Roentgenology shared two potential visions for radiology's future. Read More
AI predicts cardiovascular risk on routine chest CT
February 3, 2021 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm was able to predict patients' risk for future cardiovascular events by quantifying their coronary artery calcium on routine chest CT exams, according to research published online January 29 in Nature Communications. Read More
Utilization is the new innovation in healthcare enterprise AI
February 2, 2021 -- Enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) has shown tremendous promise in the field of radiology, specifically around assistive intelligence. But what can be done to improve confidence in its use? Jeff Sorenson explains. Read More
Special Feature
Potential for racial bias raises concerns for radiology AI
Potential for racial bias raises concerns for radiology AI

A preprint study that raised troublesome questions last year about potential bias in radiology artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms has now been formally published in the Lancet Digital Health with the same conclusions. Learn more