ChatGPT passes radiology exam
May 17, 2023 -- The latest version of ChatGPT has passed a radiology board-type exam, yet the language model's "hallucinations" raise concerns over its reliability, according to a study published May 16 in Radiology. Read More
Expert discusses ChatGPT's potential, limitations in radiology
May 17, 2023 -- spoke with Dr. Rajesh Bhayana of the University of Toronto's department of medical imaging about ChatGPT's potential as a tool in radiology practice, as well as its dangerous tendency to produce so-called "hallucinations." Read More
CT body composition assessment links muscle fat and mortality risk
May 17, 2023 -- CT body composition assessment shows that asymptomatic adults with a high accumulation of muscle fat -- a condition called myosteatosis -- are at increased risk of major adverse cardiovascular events, according to a study published on May 16 in Radiology. Read More
AI assistance helps senior, junior radiologists in thyroid imaging
May 17, 2023 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) could reduce time-based costs without sacrificing diagnostic accuracy when it comes to managing thyroid nodule findings from ultrasound images, suggest findings published May 16 in JAMA Network Open. Read More
Deep learning plus micro-CT effective for tracking lung disease
May 15, 2023 -- Combining deep learning with micro-CT shows promise for not only tracking the progression of lung disease but also evaluating the effectiveness of treatment, according to a study published May 9 in Respiratory Research. Read More
AI model estimates mortality risk on SPECT heart exams
May 8, 2023 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) model designed for SPECT heart imaging may be able to predict potentially fatal events in patients with cardiovascular artery disease, according to a study published May 1 in npj Digital Medicine. Read More
AI system may help with mammographic breast positioning
May 5, 2023 -- Deep convolutional neural network (DCNN) classification systems could help with breast positioning for mammography, suggest Japanese findings published May 1 in Nature Scientific Reports. Read More
AI could save radiologists chest x-ray interpretation time
May 4, 2023 -- A commercially available artificial intelligence (AI) program designed to help interpret patient chest x-rays shows promise for shortening overall reading times for radiologists -- although not when it detects abnormalities, according to a study published April 29 in npj Digital Medicine. Read More
Breast radiologists impacted by automation bias when using AI
May 3, 2023 -- No matter the experience level, radiologists are prone to automation bias when reading mammograms while being supported by artificial intelligence (AI)-based software, suggest findings published May 2 in Radiology. Read More
AI performs well with portable breast ultrasound images
May 3, 2023 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm can accurately identify malignancies on portable ultrasound images of breast masses, according to research published May 2 in Radiology. Read More
Special Feature
Potential for racial bias raises concerns for radiology AI
Potential for racial bias raises concerns for radiology AI

A preprint study that raised troublesome questions last year about potential bias in radiology artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms has now been formally published in the Lancet Digital Health with the same conclusions. Learn more

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