Integration, security star in PACS exhibits

Siemens Display Technologies
Siemens Display will debut gray-scale graphic adapters for 2- and 5-megapixel resolutions. Both display controllers feature 10-bit DAC accuracy output, according to the Lafayette, CO-based company.

The company's new SMfit ACT automatic calibration tool can be used with a special photometer for direct measurements, as well as with a spot meter for measuring in ambient light, according to Siemens. The tool provides for automatic monitor calibration of certain display functions, the vendor said.

In the flat-panel arena, Siemens Display will roll out the SCD 1898 color display and the SMD 1898 gray-scale display. These 18.1-inch high-contrast, 1-megapixel LCDs employ dual-domain technology provided by IBM to provide deep "blacks" and an optimum viewing angle over the entire display, according to the company.

The firm is not neglecting its CRT product line, however. SMM21201P is a 5-megapixel display that features an improved CRT, a new video amplifier design, and a new deflection processor.

Stentor of South San Francisco, CA, will highlight its line of iSite products, which are based on the company's iSyntax image streaming algorithm. iSyntax uses computer algorithms to transfer image data to remote users more efficiently than traditional data transfer methods.

iSite Radiology is an image reading workstation that separates diagnostic presentation from navigation by providing a separate navigation control console. This enables the workstation's high-end diagnostic monitors to be used solely for image display, according to the company.

iVault is a medical image archive -- also based on iSyntax -- that eliminates the need for image prefetching, routing, forwarding, off-line media management, or other image management techniques. iVault uses RAID 5 network attached storage (NAS) units for archiving, which makes the system scalable regardless of the size of the facility.

Sunquest Information Systems
Tucson, AZ-based Sunquest has added a number of new features to its FlexiRad RIS. New introductions this year include integrated voice and electronic image management, Web access, and rules-based clinical alerting.

Sunquest has integrated Talk Technology's TalkStationRadiology application into FlexiRad, and also plans to demonstrate an integrated management system from an unnamed third-party vendor. In addition, Sunquest will shine the spotlight on its new WebView Web access tool, as well as its alerting system.

Other FlexiRad enhancements include full support for rich text, graphical user interface (GUI) management reports, insurance preauthorization, improved multiple active master folders, and demographic information in the scheduler application. Sunquest has also incorporated features such as proxy signatures, scheduling enhancements, streamlined scheduler maintenance, and enhanced audit trail reporting.

Swearingen Software
The Houston-based RIS provider will show its newly completed RMS for Windows software. The new release offers access to patient information from any hospital terminal, and is compatible with all major hospital information systems, according to Swearingen.

It can run multiple applications simultaneously and is TCP/IP and HL7 compliant. Customizable reporting options and function-specific modules are included, according to the vendor. Swearingen said that all current RMS for DOS customers are eligible for upgrades to RMS for Windows.

This Mayo Clinic spin-off will introduce itself to the PACS market with the debut of its online medical image storage technology. TeraMedica Enterprise Asset Manager (TEAM) can accommodate radiology, cardiology, and other DICOM information objects in its imaging workflow management services, according to the Milwaukee-based company.

The San Mateo, CA-based firm will highlight its VolumePro 1000 3-D volume rendering hardware product. Targeted to OEMs and system integrators, VolumePro 1000 includes the firm's implementation of advanced gradient lighting and ray-per-pixel ray casting algorithm.

TeraRecon said the result is real-time interactive performance for medical images as large as 512 CT slices. Up to 2 GB of volume data can be visualized and manipulated on a single PCI board; multiple boards can work together to handle the most demanding data, TeraRecon said.

VolumePro 1000 offers 32-bit data for multichannel rendering, image fusion, and data segmentation. It can also integrate surface and voxel information in real-time, according to the firm.

UltraVisual Medical Systems
UltraVisual of Madison, WI, will draw attention to two new components for its Java-based VisualPACS technology. Vortex is a thin-client image display software package that provides a single user interface and set of tools for use across the enterprise.

VisualPACS Server is a scalable offering that provides users with unified worklists across multiple servers. VisualPACS is currently undergoing clinical testing at the at University of Wisconsin Hospital, of the Madison and Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

Vidar Systems
Film digitizer manufacturer Vidar will debut its CopyExpress digital film duplication system at this year’s RSNA show. The system creates an exact duplicate of an original film and can create multiple copies of mixed-size films on dry laser film or plain paper.

Vidar has positioned the product to eliminate the costs encountered with wet-based film duplication systems. These include chemical use, storage, and disposal, as well as the price of maintaining a darkroom.

The system consists of three components: a Vidar DiagnosticPro plus or Sierra plus film digitizer; a customer-supplied Microsoft Windows NT or 2000-based workstation with CopyExpress software; and a validated film printer. The system is network-capable, allowing users to send images to multiple printers.

Vital Images
Version 2.5 of the firm's Vitrea 3-D software will take center stage in the Minneapolis-based vendor's booth. Introduced in October, Vitrea 2.5 includes new tools for assisting physicians in treating strokes, placing stents, and planning for surgical procedures, according to the firm. It also includes advancements in speed and image quality, as well as a CT brain perfusion option, automated vessel measurement, and point-and-click segmentation.

VitalWorks will put the spotlight on RadConnect Results, a Web-based image and distribution system. Available as a stand-alone system or integrated with its RIS products, RadConnect Results can be used by centers with or without a PACS network; the software requires only a PC with an Internet connection, according to the Ridgefield, CT-based vendor.

For sites with a PACS, RadConnect Results delivers comprehensive information to physicians outside the imaging center, and has no special hardware requirements, according to VitalWorks. RadConnect Results can be integrated into a practice's existing Web site, or can provide access to images through the firm's RadConnect RIS.

This Pittsburgh-based RIS provider will be on hand to discuss several enhancements to its Radiology Information Management Solution. A new integrated voice recognition module provides improved workflow and productivity, while an integrated resource scheduling module allows RIMS users to maximize resources across the enterprise, WebMedx said. In addition, an integrated mammography tracking module offers automated compliance with MQSA standards.

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By Erik L. Ridley staff writer
November 14, 2001

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