RSNA 2014 to celebrate centennial

RSNA will kick off its 100th annual meeting on November 30 with a look back at the organization's role in the history of radiology.

The RSNA Centennial Showcase is an interactive exhibit designed to detail the history of RSNA in the development of radiologic science and technology. The showcase will include the following:

  • "Cases of the Century," where attendees can try to diagnose vintage images with the technology of the time
  • "Our Milestones," where RSNA's defining moments will be presented in a multimedia presentation
  • "Art & Science," a collection of artistically rendered medical images
  • "Roentgen's Welcome," featuring a virtual incarnation of the father of radiology
  • "Centennial Galleries," which will focus on RSNA's defining principles (community, education, research, innovation, and patient care) and house rare pieces of vintage radiology equipment

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