The force is not with Minrad

Filmmaker George Lucas has called in the Rebel Alliance against Minrad, a Buffalo, NY, manufacturer of radiotherapy devices, for bestowing the name "Light Saber" on its latest product. In a suit filed Tuesday in the U.S. District Court in San Francisco, the Star Wars mogul claimed infringement on Lucasfilm’s exclusive copyright to the term Light Saber.

The suit also stated that Minrad’s use of the name would dilute the value of the trademark, and could dupe customers into believing that Lucasfilm had endorsed the product.

In Star Wars lore, a Light Saber is a sword-like beam of energy that can repel laser attacks, and is favored by both Jedi knights and Darth Vader. The Minrad product is an image-guided surgery device.

Minrad’s other products include MR-compatible fiber-optic intubating laryngoscope blades and the Dual Radiation Targeting System (DRTS).

By staff writers
July 27, 2001

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