Canopy Partners debuts outsourced call-center service

Healthcare management services organization Canopy Partners has made its Radiology Concierge Desk outsourced call-center service for radiologists available nationwide.

Making use of a "smart worklist" feature and a team of professional radiology assistants, the Radiology Concierge Desk diverts phone calls and other administrative tasks to support personnel, according to Canopy Partners. The company said that the automated service -- activated by a button click on the worklist -- can improve a radiologist's productivity by 5% to 10% by taking over a number of communication and administrative tasks.

For example, Radiology Concierge Desk can support tasks such as reading room phone coverage, communication and documentation of important findings for referring physicians, and requests for comparative studies and relevant clinical history, according to the company. It can also be used for instant messaging, call reports, critical findings, and entering data for the American College of Radiology registry. In addition, Radiology Concierge Desk can be used to contact technologists and for assisting radiologists during downtimes, the firm said.

Radiology Concierge Desk was initially developed for Greensboro Radiology of Greensboro, NC. The private radiology group has used the service to handle more than 57,000 calls annually over the past eight years, Canopy Partners said.

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