Russian 'x-ray girl' wins praise from Japanese

Natalia Demkina, the Russian girl who amazed researchers two years ago with her apparent ability to detect patients' internal pathologies unaided by equipment -- only to be slammed as "completely normal" by a professional debunker -- is back in the news.

Demkina, now 17, has recently returned from Japan where she underwent a series of experiments at Tokyo Denki University, according to an April 19 article from the Russian news agency Novosti.

In an experiment directed by electronics professor Yoshio Machi, Demkina reportedly diagnosed seven patients accurately under videotape surveillance and the watchful eyes of a group of physicians brought in as witnesses. Each patient came with copies of recent medical records, and Demkina was given no information about them in advance, the article stated.

After the last patient was correctly diagnosed, the doctors "could not but applaud" Demkina's diagnostic skills, Novosti said. Demkina was also successful in finding an implanted artificial limb in an aging Rottweiler during a later visit to a veterinary hospital.

Machi, who once worked with the spoon-bending Uri Geller, is considered to be sympathetic to claims of paranormal abilities.

By staff writers
April 20, 2005

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