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When the first CAD companies began lifting the wraps on their software in the mid-1990s, they were careful to point out that the "D" in "CAD" stood for "detection," not "diagnosis." The idea was that radiologists would never cotton to a computer program that took over some of their responsibility for making diagnostic decisions.

Fast forward 10 years. Radiologists are awash in more image data than they can possibly handle. A number of new imaging procedures, like virtual colonoscopy and CT lung screening, could develop into promising screening programs, but radiology simply cannot handle the image volume that would be produced by such large population-based initiatives.

Could it be time to re-evaluate the role of computer-aided diagnosis? The U.K. company that's the subject of this week's Insider Exclusive thinks so. Medicsight is beginning to roll out a series of software products that ultimately could go further than other CAD products on the market in terms of guiding radiologists to make a diagnostic decision.

Medicsight has developed CAD programs for lung and colon screening applications, and also has heart measurement and analysis software in the works. The company has begun receiving regulatory approvals, is in negotiations with distribution partners, and is scheduled to exhibit at a major trade show for the first time this week. Business & Industry Insiders can get the scoop ahead of our other AuntMinnie members by clicking here.

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