AuntMinnie Boothlink.

BoothLink allows you to show prospective customers what trade shows your company will be attending and your company's booth number at the show. For only $195 this powerful feature allows you to:
  • Let self-qualified leads request appointments with your sales staff at the tradeshows you attend
  • Integrate your online and tradeshow marketing activities for the year
  • Enhance your Buyer's Guide product listing and stand out from the crowd

BoothLink pricing is cost effective
BoothLink pricing is based upon the number of products you choose to link.

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Number of products you list BoothLink price
Cc99 Ff Dot
1-10 $195
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11-30 $395
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31-50 $695
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unlimited $995
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*BoothLink for RSNA is active
from Nov. 1 - Dec. 15 of 2003

Save money and get started
with BoothLink today!

BoothLink is only $195 for up to ten product listings. Download the BoothLink contract now and make it easy for prospects to find you at your trade shows.

Questions or need more information?
Call Dawn Herak at 520-751-6812 or send e-mail to [email protected] today and learn how to put the Buyer's Guide BoothLink program to work for you!

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