Kodak launches multiplate CR reader at ECR

VIENNA - Eastman Kodak Health Imaging is using this week's European Congress of Radiology to launch DirectView CR 950, a new computed radiography reader that supports multiple imaging plates. The high-throughput system is designed for centralized use in busy radiology environments, according to the Rochester, NY, company.

CR 950 is capable of processing up to 81 35 x 43-cm imaging plates an hour, and accepts eight cassettes at a time. The system can process cassettes of different sizes, with a throughput of 90 plates an hour if mixed plates are being used. The unit also has a start/stop button located on the device, so a technologist can load cassettes while another is entering information at the workstation.

CR 950 features the same user interface as Kodak's DirectView CR 850 CR system, a single-cassette reader introduced at last year's RSNA meeting. CR 950 is scheduled to begin shipping in the second half of 2003, and the product is being shown as a work in progress at the ECR meeting.

In other CR news, Kodak is emphasizing in its ECR booth a long-length imaging system for digital image capture of images up to 43 x 129 cm for whole-leg and whole-spine images. The system features a wall-mounted vertical cassette holder that uses two, three, or four cassettes, and each cassette has a key that enables it to be inserted only when it's in the proper position. Image stitching software takes the images from each cassette and stitches them together into a whole.

The feature works with Kodak's CR 800 or CR 900 readers, and an optional package enables Kodak DryView laser printer users to print up to four true-size segments to form a composite long-length image.

Kodak is also showing CR mammography images in its ECR booth. CR mammography is available on existing Kodak CR units in Europe; in the U.S., Kodak does not yet have Food and Drug Administration approval to market CR mammography applications.

By AuntMinnie.com staff writers
March 9, 2003

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