Integration, security star in PACS exhibits

DeJarnette Research Systems
The Towson, MD-based PACS and connectivity firm will highlight NetShare CD, a removable CD writing device for DICOM image storage. NetShare CD includes a free DICOM viewing application with each CD, and provides a portable media system that can be used by multiple devices on a network. In addition, labels are automatically printed for quick identification, according to DeJarnette.

DeJarnette will also put the spotlight on version 3.0 of its VisiShare workstation software. The new release includes faster access to images, a new database that speeds archive queries and image loading, and the use of dedicated clustered image servers to provide instantaneous access to selected images, according to DeJarnette. In addition, VisiShare 3.0 allows for recording and playback of audio reports from any workstation.

Dome Imaging Systems
Dome will highlight its M2 analog display controller. Designed for cardiology and other advanced medical imaging applications, M2 accommodates images from high-resolution image acquisition devices, including fluoroscopy and cardiac cath lab systems, according to the Waltham, MA-based firm.

M2 can achieve high image refresh rates while accepting streaming image data at 30 frames per second, according to Dome. Double buffering of the incoming video stream allows for continuous cine updates without video artifacts such as image tearing, according to the company. M2 can support multiple input video streams, providing for a dual-headed configuration.

A short form-factor PCI card, M2 can run at 33 MHz and 66 MHz, in 32-bit and 64-bit slots, with 5-volt or 3.3-volt power. M2 can support single and dual-headed displays in either portrait or landscape mode, as well as both color and gray-scale palettes at resolutions up to 1,200 x 1,600 pixels, according to the firm. M2 can run on the Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Solaris operating systems. Dome will also highlight its C5 line of flat-panel displays at the show.

DR Systems
The San Diego-based firm will debut version 5.0 of its NT Dominator radiologist reading station, which will have flat-panel and CRT options. A mixed color-and-monochrome multimonitor PACS will be introduced, with image processing options such as color shading, 3-D, curved rendering, tissue segmentation, MPR, MIP, and CT/MR angiography, according to the vendor.

DR Systems will hand out free CDs of its Web Ambassador remote-viewing module at the show. A new DVD archive enabling storage of approximately 6 terabytes will also be highlighted, with options for lossless and lossy compression that can result in functional storage of 60 TB or more, according to the firm.

DR will also showcase RIS functionality, including management reports, advanced patient and record query, and an expanded database of referring physician and radiologist preferences.

Eastman Kodak
Kodak's Health Imaging division will introduce its DirectView family of pre-configured PACS offerings, as well as a new DirectView Web distribution system. In addition, the Rochester, NY-based firm's Professional Services unit will launch a new privacy and security service.

The vendor will also discuss PACS Link configurations of its DryView laser imaging systems as an affordable first step towards building a digital imaging workflow. DryView's automatic calibration control will also be highlighted.

Emageon will be announcing compatibility with IHE's Year 3 initiative in all of its available enterprise archiving and distribution software. In addition, the firm says that several Emageon customers will be on hand to discuss their experience in areas such as rapid implementation of a fully filmless environment, enterprise DICOM repository management, and maximizing the digital image value chain. The Birmingham, AL-based firm will also highlight connectivity with several PACS vendors, working with its enterprise archiving and distribution infrastructure.

The data storage giant will highlight a host of new corporate alliances at the meeting. The Hopkinton, MA-based company currently has partnerships with firms such as Agfa, Algotec, Amicas, Canon, Emageon, Fuji, GE, IDX, Kodak, Meditech, McKesson, Philips, Siemens, and Stentor. EMC will also talk about the performance and disaster recovery benefits of offerings such as its Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF).

eMed Technologies
eMed will introduce its Web-based Radiology FrontOffice software, which improves service by giving referring physicians and patients online scheduling flexibility and access to more information, according to the Lexington, MA-based vendor. Radiology FrontOffice will serve as eMed's integration engine to tie referring physician interaction, PACS, modalities, and front-desk operations into a single integrated offering. 2.0, introduced in October, will also be demonstrated. Two versions of the Web distribution software are available: onCall and enterprise.

eMed will roll out version 6 of its Ideal PACS workstation-archive platform. New enhancements include automated worklist management, which automatically identifies a radiologist's reading stack and loads the first study onto the display after logging into the system. In addition, CR viewing protocols have been incorporated, defining how to hang and order images as well as which images should be linked for study navigation purposes, according to eMed.

Version 6 also ensures access to relevant prior studies based on scheduled RIS events and CPT codes, according to the vendor. The company's DataBridge RIS interface allows automatic updates of patient demographics based on messages from the RIS or HIS. eMed has also added a matching feature that recognizes the facility to which a patient or procedure belongs, enabling a single system to manage and control studies from multiple facilities, according to the firm. Version 6 also supports a variety of storage options, including network-attached storage (NAS), MOD, and tape.

eMed will present Ideal as an integrated offering, providing access to scheduling, registration, imaging, radiologist reading, results reporting, and archiving in a single system, according to the vendor.

eRad/Image Medical
The Allentown, PA-based PACS provider has incorporated what it calls SmartServer technology into its PracticeBuilder 1-2-3 image management system. SmartServer offers a number of improvements, including SmartTemplates. With SmartTemplates, an automatic hanging protocol "attendant" learns user preferences -- and automatically applies the template it believes is best suited to the new study, according to eRad/Image Medical.

The company has also included a feature that makes user preference changes automatically available from any workstation. In other enhancements, users can access worklists from multiple servers by logging into a single server. And Internet-enabled prefetching of current and prior image studies is now possible without the need for dedicated IP addresses, according to the vendor.

Improved reporting features include WAV file support, a compact report panel, and support for Philips SpeechMike. SmartServer also includes more advanced printing, as well as additional viewing and administration features, according to the vendor.

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