LightLab to launch cardiac OCT system

Optical coherence tomography developer LightLab Imaging is readying its OCT imaging platform for use in cardiac imaging applications. The system, which has not yet received clearance for clinical use in the U.S., employs advanced photonics and signal processing techniques to bring microscopic imaging into the body, using a single fiber-optic strand measuring 0.006 inches in diameter, according to the Westford, MA-based firm.

LightLab said the system may be capable of detecting intra-arterial plaques, as well as assessing the tissue characteristics of the plaque cap and the lipid concentration under the cap that may help classify plaques as vulnerable or stable. The imaging platform consists of a high-bandwidth optical engine, a powerful digital signal processor, a fiber-optic imaging catheter, and a modular display.

The imaging wire uses flexible fibers to ensure optimal handling characteristics and lens designs to support a range of imaging formats, according to the vendor. The system is capable of performing a variety of imaging applications, including gray scale, Doppler, elastic, polarization, and spectroscopy scanning, LightLab said.

By staff writers
September 19, 2001

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