MedyMatch debuts AI for detecting intracranial bleeding

By staff writers

November 22, 2016 -- Israeli imaging artificial intelligence (AI) firm MedyMatch Technology has introduced AI technology for detecting intracranial hemorrhage.

Currently available for research purposes, the technology is based on deep learning and computer vision techniques, MedyMatch said. It interprets 3D imaging data together with information from the patient's electronic medical record, according to the firm.

MedyMatch said it anticipates that the new technology will be used commercially in several forms:

  • A patient-specific computer-aided detection (CAD) software application used by emergency room physicians to assist in detecting intracranial bleeding
  • A prioritization algorithm operating within a PACS or on a CT scanner to help prioritize cases based on the potential presence of a bleed
  • A tool to provide insights into populations to proactively identify bleed cases

The technology can be deployed as either a cloud-based platform or an onsite installation, MedyMatch said. It envisions that the technology will assist physicians and not replace them, providing a virtual "second set of eyes."

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