Patients want breast screening results right away

By Erik L. Ridley, AuntMinnie staff writer

November 11, 2015 --

Tuesday, December 1 | 12:15 p.m.-12:45 p.m. | QS009-EB-TUA | Lakeside Learning Center, Hardcopy Backboard
A University of Utah team will share its success in providing screening mammography results to patients just a few minutes after studies are finished.

The research group wanted to focus on providing screening mammography results at the time of service to reduce one of the perceived harms of screening mammography -- patient anxiety due to delays in receiving results -- and to make this patient population a priority, said presenter Joanna Riegert.

Under the new service, patients are asked if they would like to wait 10 minutes while the radiologist reads the study. Since it has been launched, the program has improved the institution's already high scores for patient satisfaction, while not having a detrimental impact on workflow or diagnostic recall rate, Riegert said. In addition, the department was able to offer the service within existing departmental resources.

"Time-of-service [screening mammography] results can be successfully implemented and it is beneficial to the patient," she told