ECR 2016 News
Sleep duration not associated with heart disease
March 5, 2016 -- VIENNA - Getting enough sleep may have profound effects on health, but sleep duration has no effect on the development of coronary artery disease, researchers reported on Friday at ECR 2016.  Discuss
Will PACS find a new home in the cloud?
March 5, 2016 -- VIENNA - Driven by patients and political forces, momentum is building for the adoption of cloud computing technology in healthcare in the European Union. For PACS, cloud computing offers many potential benefits -- as well as some concerns, according to a talk on Saturday at ECR 2016.  Discuss
GE's ECR launches include mammography, CT systems
March 5, 2016 -- VIENNA - A new digital mammography system, a new CT scanner in its Revolution line, and new cardiac MRI software are among the product highlights for GE Healthcare at this week's ECR 2016 meeting.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2016: Dr. Maximilian Reiser on plagiarism
March 5, 2016 -- VIENNA - The cheats are getting smarter, it seems, and this can pose serious problems for journal editors. As editor in chief of European Radiology, Dr. Maximilian Reiser has had to address this growing problem. In an interview at ECR 2016, he explains how the editorial team handles plagiarism and also reflects on the first 25 years of the journal.  Discuss
Use social media to give the people what they want
March 5, 2016 -- VIENNA - More than just a platform to share pictures of children and pets, social media can provide rich data that allow radiologists to tailor information in a targeted way, according to a presentation at ECR 2016. For instance, social media played a huge part in crafting an online hub to discuss mammography.  Discuss
Study: Let patients choose breath-hold technique for MRI
March 5, 2016 -- VIENNA - Patients gain important benefits when they are allowed to initiate their own breath-holds for MRI exams, and the exam quality doesn't suffer, according to research presented on Saturday at ECR 2016.  Discuss
CEUS shines for indeterminate small renal masses
March 5, 2016 -- VIENNA - Thanks to its sensitivity for slight blood flow in tumors, contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) can be very useful for characterizing hypovascular masses that were indeterminate on contrast-enhanced CT or MRI, Italian researchers reported on Thursday at ECR 2016.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2016: Mats Danielsson on CT dose
March 5, 2016 -- VIENNA - What's a medical physicist's take on CT dose reduction? To find out, we asked Mats Danielsson, PhD, professor and head of the research group in medical imaging at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. In an interview at ECR 2016, he also speaks about the Karolinska, following the recent case of alleged fraud.  Discuss
PET/MRI support grows, but jury's still out on its clinical value
March 5, 2016 -- It remains to be seen whether the combination of MRI and PET will overtake the more established PET/CT, but specialists at King's College London see the emerging hybrid imaging system as a powerful new tool in evaluating disease. They think the coupling of the two techniques could be part of a "paradigm shift" in cancer imaging, and in the future it may play a central role in diagnosing and treating neurological and cardiac diseases.  Discuss
CT protocols prove vital for success in severe trauma cases
March 5, 2016 -- A specific set of CT protocols for trauma patients should be in place in every emergency department. That's the recommendation of Dr. Raffaella Basilico, emergency radiologist at University Hospital of Chieti in Italy.  Discuss