AMVC Fall 2020 News
AMVC Fall 2020: Enterprise imaging in 2020
October 1, 2020 -- Healthcare networks are increasingly turning to enterprise imaging to leverage their investment in digital image management and make medical images available to clinicians outside the radiology department. Dr. Cheryl Petersilge of Vidagos Advisors examines this trend.
AMVC Fall 2020: AI and radiologist jobs
October 1, 2020 -- Is artificial intelligence (AI) really a threat to radiologists' jobs? It's a belief that's increasingly been discredited within radiology itself, but the myth persists outside the field. Dr. Sonia Gupta of Rad AI offers solutions for changing the narrative.  Discuss
AMVC Fall 2020: Integrating AI with enterprise imaging
October 1, 2020 -- What's the best way to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and enterprise imaging -- two increasingly important technologies? Medical imaging consultant Michael Cannavo offers a perspective.  Discuss
AMVC Fall 2020: Can AI help radiology reinvent itself in a post-COVID world?
October 1, 2020 -- The COVID-19 pandemic has forced radiology to find new ways to deliver care. How can artificial intelligence (AI) help with the transition? Dr. Eliot Siegel of the University of Maryland discusses this question and more.
AMVC Fall 2020: The future of AI in radiology
October 1, 2020 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) is an incredibly powerful tool for building algorithms that will transform the work of radiologists. Dr. Curtis Langlotz, PhD, reviews the origins, applications, and challenges of the technology.
AMVC Fall 2020: How AI can help fight the COVID-19 pandemic
October 1, 2020 -- The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced radiology professionals to find new tools to help deal with the outbreak. Dr. Shinjini Kundu, PhD, discusses what makes artificial intelligence (AI) an attractive solution to detect, contain, and treat the novel coronavirus.  Discuss