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Introducing True2scale Body Scan

Assess the complete body axis – supine, standing, or seated

Female patient, 10 years. True2scale Body Scan, spine S AP LAT DAP [µGy*m2] 3.86

Precise x-ray images at low dose to support you in diagnosing your most vulnerable patients? It's possible with our new application for orthopedic imaging: True2scale Body Scan1, fully integrated in Multitom Rax.
  • Address more patients: large coverage in supine, seated, or natural weight-bearing position
  • See what you need – at low dose: for pediatric scoliosis exams and more
  • Avoid distortion: geometrically accurate images that do not require stitching or manual calibration

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¹ Option. The products/features (mentioned herein) are not commercially available in all countries. Their future availability cannot be guaranteed.
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