The radiologist's handbook for future excellence 2020: 4 technologies to amplify success
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The radiologist's handbook for future excellence 2020: 4 technologies to amplify success

What new imaging technology has the greatest potential to truly improve your work life and support you in becoming more efficient? If you want to amplify future success but find it challenging to cut through all the clutter, this comprehensive guide is for you.
New technology and ways of thinking are reshaping the landscape, enabling radiologists equipped with the right technology and skills to compete not only on price, but on the value and level of service they provide. Radiologists who leverage leading-edge technology to facilitate their diagnoses will have an advantage over those who do not—both when it comes to delivering higher-quality services faster, and preventing themselves from becoming burned out. The task of filtering out new advantageous technologies to add to the diagnostic toolbox, however, is not an easy one.
This new handbook provides exclusive guidance on key technologies within four areas that, if handled well, will truly enhance your skills, scope and ability to cope with future demands and spend your time more wisely.
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Continue the discussion and experience some of the new technology mentioned in this handbook in action at RSNA 2019, booth #6113. Get to know our complete and robust enterprise imaging solution—with Sectra VNA and our Best-in-KLAS PACS at its core—and learn how we can empower you to accomplish more.

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