5 Reasons Why Your Facility Should #DitchTheDisk
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Ambra Supports #DitchTheDisk
5 Reasons Why Your Facility Should #DitchTheDisk

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5 Reasons Why Your Facility Should #DitchTheDisk

Medical images have historically been exchanged and shared on CDs since the mid-1990s. While we’ve moved just about every other aspect of our personal and professional lives to electronic transfer medical imaging remains on CDs.

Download our latest whitepaper to learn why it’s time for healthcare organizations to eliminate CDs and move to the Cloud. 


It's time to #DitchTheDisk

Try our free online calculator to learn how much time and money your organization could save this year by eliminating CDs. 

Or, learn more about #DitchTheDisk and give our software a test drive in person. Heading to SIIM19 or AHRA19 this summer? Our team would love to share strategies on how to improve image accessibility at your facility so that data can be used in exciting projects once freed from silos.

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