Introducing an ultrasound program for sonographer health
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Relieve scan anxiety so everyone can benefit—even your images.
  Learn how to scan in the right position and
develop healthy imaging habits.
Ultrasound has always been about patient health, but what about sonographer health?
Designed to help protect sonographers and maintain their quality of life, Canon Medical’s Aplio™ systems and Healthy Sonographer Program are addressing work-related musculoskeletal disorders on multiple fronts.
  Learn best practices for improved scanning comfort
Perform daily exercises specific to sonographer areas of pain
Request personalized training and continuing medical education (CME) credit
The Healthy Sonographer Program can help mitigate
pain inflicted by this widespread issue. See what tips
and exercises you can use in your everyday life.

Providing quality care across multiple modalities, Canon Medical’s Collaborative Imaging brings our latest innovations in radiology straight to you.
  Learn how to scan in the right position and
develop healthy imaging habits.
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