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Syringeless Contrast Media Power Injector for CT

less waste eliminates need for costly syringes, allows for reduction in wasted contrast and saline through single-dose usage and overfilling unneeded volumes

less time improves workflow through reduction in setup times between patients with elimination of syringes and filling process

Syringeless Contrast Media Power Injector for CT

ulrichINJECT CT Motion

Once-daily setup and 24-hour multiple patient use pump tubing-flex*

Facilitates workflow efficiencies

100% cableless, battery powered, and Bluetooth-enabled

Supports cost-effective operation

Hygienic closed system

Advanced air and pressure monitoring, integrated particle filter

Helps optimize contrast media and saline use


*Or 19 bottles of a contrast medium, whichever comes first.

NEW! Cleared by the FDA for single-dose, providing even more flexibility and supporting optimized use of your contrast media

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Ulrich Media

Distributed in the United States by GE Healthcare.


ulrichINJECT CT Motion Instructions for Use R2/2019-03
510 K Number: K171392
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