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The COVID-19 pandemic is putting added pressure on radiology services. #CountOnUs is Agfa's initiative to co-create and enable practical responses to the COVID-19 crisis. #CountOnUs is more than just a hashtag: it is a committed response, born out of solidarity, which has transformed into a holistic approach to finding simple, practical solutions to exceptional problems.
Fight against time:
Chest+ offers gridless workflows for
30% faster bedside imaging

  • Less weight to avoid repetitive strain injury
  • Grid does not need to be disinfected
  • Less rejects due to bad grid alignment
  • First time right image due to intelligent image processing

Ready to turn your mobile system into instant DR?
So are we!

  • Maximize the use of any existing X-ray equipment
  • Improve your mobile diagnostic imaging workflow in the Emergency Care or ICU
  • Agfa's DR Retrofit is an easy-to-use solution – immediately available – that turns your analogue system into a Digital Radiography unit.

A hygienic approach to imaging, Agfa's CR family is a reliable, cost-effective X-ray solution for COVID-19
and beyond…

  • Lower replacement cost in case of cassette damage. Cost-effectiveness for increased capacity
  • Robust alternative to DR Detectors. Less sensitive to drop and liquid spill
  • DR-like image quality with Cesium based Needle Phospor technology

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