French survey logs COVID-19's impact on radiologists
September 17, 2020 -- The COVID-19 pandemic is exacting a heavy psychological toll on radiologists, with insomnia being one of the most commonly reported problems, according to a French survey of over 1,500 imaging physicians.  Discuss
Ultrasound shows promise for carpal tunnel diagnosis
September 16, 2020 -- Ultrasound imaging shows promise as a painless way to diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome, according to the findings of a small study published on September 11 in Academic Radiology. A combination of ultrasound features produced high accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity in the study.  Discuss
PET helps diagnose treatable form of dementia
September 16, 2020 -- PET imaging could be a useful tool for diagnosis and treatment of idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus, a form of dementia that can be treated surgically, according to a literature review published September 7 in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences.  Discuss
Radiology Partners sees scale as benefit of Mednax deal
September 16, 2020 -- When Radiology Partners (RP) completes its acquisition of Mednax's radiology services division, it will put hundreds more U.S. radiologists under the RP banner. And RP executives see that scale as a major benefit, from raising new investment funds to rolling out new technology across its growing network.  Discuss
PET agent shows promise for imaging lung inflammation
September 16, 2020 -- An experimental PET imaging agent shows promise for imaging inflammation in the lungs -- which could have implications for a range of common diseases, including COVID-19, according to results from an animal study published in Redox Biology.  Discuss
C-MIMI: AI peer review can spot missed lung cancer
September 15, 2020 -- A peer review process that's driven by artificial intelligence (AI) can identify lung nodules that were overlooked by radiologists on CT exams, potentially enabling early detection of cancers that would have otherwise been missed, according to a Monday talk at the Conference on Machine Intelligence in Medical Imaging (C-MIMI).  Discuss
NIH to fund PET imaging for Latino Alzheimer's study
September 14, 2020 -- The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) has provided additional funding for researchers to use PET imaging to study Alzheimer's disease among Mexican Americans. The funds add amyloid and tau PET imaging to the ongoing Health and Aging Brain Among Latino Elders study.  Discuss
Medical imaging turns to teleradiology to handle COVID-19 outbreak
September 14, 2020 -- Teleradiology has always been a vital technology in the world of radiology. But the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a boom in remote reading as radiology departments and imaging centers turn to teleradiology to keep their operations flowing smoothly in an era of social distancing.  Discuss
Cost-effective and efficient teleradiology services geared to meet patient demand post-COVID 19 and beyond
September 14, 2020 -- As countries and economies shut down to contain the COVID-19, the demand for nonurgent radiology services plummeted. Many imaging facilities throughout the U.S. were closed during the first wave of COVID-19 in spring 2020, with exam volumes dropping between 40% and 90% in radiology practices.  Discuss
Remote reading is more complicated than flipping a switch
September 14, 2020 -- Medical imaging may be turning to teleradiology to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, with hospitals allowing radiologists to interpret medical images from home. But making the transition to remote reading from home is more complicated than simply flipping a switch.  Discuss