ECR 2011 News
Breast CT may offer benefits over digital mammography and MRI
March 5, 2011 -- The improved diagnostic certainty due to CT's high sensitivity and specificity for earlier recognition and diagnosis of breast cancer lesions may have a substantial future impact on patient management, and improve outcomes.  Discuss
Follow golden rules to manage risk in pregnant patients
March 5, 2011 -- Imaging has a key role to play during pregnancy, but research shows there can be a lack of knowledge among physicians about how to treat pregnant women. This emphasizes the need for accurate patient information and appropriate training for staff.  Discuss
How IT supports radiology: An overview of current developments
March 5, 2011 -- The introduction of digital imaging and workflow using RIS and PACS has led to fundamental changes in many radiologists' daily work. The European Society of Radiology has prepared informative posters on various topics for this year's congress so that radiologists can understand the facts about IT concepts.  Discuss
Thales makes ECR debut of new detectors
March 5, 2011 -- VIENNA - French x-ray developer Thales is introducing two new digital detectors at this week's European Congress of Radiology (ECR), one of which represents the company's first foray into detectors based on complementary metal oxide technology.
Ziehm touts new C-arms at ECR
March 5, 2011 -- VIENNA - C-arm developer Ziehm Imaging is highlighting a pair of new C-arms it is launching at this week's European Congress of Radiology (ECR).
High-pitch DSCTA often repeated, but dose still lower
March 4, 2011 -- VIENNA - Nearly one in five coronary CT angiography scans acquired with an emerging high-pitch dual-source CT angiography (DSCTA) protocol needs to be repeated. But the low-dose acquisitions possible mean even repeated scans have lower overall doses than comparable 64-detector-row CTA scans, researchers reported at the European Congress of Radiology.  Discuss
Pre-op MRI finds added tumors with no major delay in surgery
March 4, 2011 -- VIENNA - Canadian researchers have found preoperative MRI scans can discover additional tumors in breast cancer patients without adversely delaying necessary surgery, according to a study presented Friday at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR).  Discuss
Surveillance mammo may be indicated after cancer treatment
March 4, 2011 -- VIENNA - As women with second breast cancers larger than 2 cm have a poorer prognosis than those with smaller tumors, the practice of surveillance mammography following breast cancer treatment appears to be justified, according to research presented Friday at the European Congress of Radiology.  Discuss
GE launches Dexus reading software at ECR
March 4, 2011 -- VIENNA - GE Healthcare is using this week's European Congress of Radiology (ECR) to launch Dexus, a new software platform designed to provide a unified workflow environment for reading medical imaging studies.  Discuss
Siemens launches new digital x-ray units at ECR
March 4, 2011 -- Siemens Healthcare is launching a pair of new digital x-ray units at this week's European Congress of Radiology (ECR), including a new economical digital radiography system designed for emerging markets.  Discuss