Qure.ai adds new AI capabilities for COVID-19

2019 01 03 21 20 8068 Artificial Intelligence Ai 400

Artificial intelligence (AI) software developer Qure.ai said that its AI-based chest x-ray automation and interpretation platform can now also detect lung findings indicative of COVID-19, as well as quantify the disease burden.

These new capabilities can be used to screen COVID-19 patients for further testing and to monitor their progression, according to the vendor. The platform also can automatically generate chest x-ray interpretation reports and identify tuberculosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, lung cancer, and medical emergencies such as lung collapse and cardiac disorders, according to the vendor.

In addition, Qure.ai has introduced qScout, an app-based software designed to help frontline healthcare providers trace contacts and remotely triage COVID-19 patients. Patients and their contacts can be registered using a smartphone and remotely monitored with an integrated telehealth service, the company said. Embedded AI technology also maps hotspots for door-to-door contact tracing.

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