Week in Review: Breast MRI predicts cancer risk | AI for glioblastoma | Make time for SalaryScan

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MRI has come into its own as a tool for diagnosing breast cancer, but researchers in California have found another way in which the modality can be used to predict breast cancer risk.

The group found that higher levels of background parenchymal enhancement (BPE) on breast MRI scans indicated a greater risk of developing invasive breast cancer. The overall risk was even higher when elevated BPE was combined with the presence of dense breast tissue.

What's more, some women in the study had four times the risk of breast cancer as those in the lowest-risk category.

In another article in our Women's Imaging Community, researchers from South Korea discovered that digital breast tomosynthesis found 13% more invasive and early-stage cancers in women with dense tissue than conventional 2D mammography.

AI for glioblastoma

Researchers continue to find new clinical applications for artificial intelligence (AI) in radiology. A group from Israel trained a machine-learning algorithm to perform a radiomic analysis of MRI exams and found that it did an excellent job of differentiating glioblastoma from brain metastasis.

In another article in our Artificial Intelligence Community, AI executive Elad Walach and Dr. Carl Aschkenasi ask the question, what needs to happen for AI to become the standard of care? It won't be easy, they believe.

Make time for SalaryScan

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