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One of the side benefits of healthcare information technology is that it's enabling a level of data mining never before possible in the era of film images and paper charts. Facilities can review various performance metrics such as report turnaround times, technologist productivity, and length of patient stay to gain insight into how they're performing relative to other facilities and internal benchmarks.

But some visionary thinkers are exploring whether data mining can be taken to the next level by providing feedback to healthcare providers in ways that can impact care practically in real-time.

In this week's Insider Exclusive, we offer staff writer Cynthia Keen's profile of one such effort, recently launched by Exogen of Chicago. The company has developed a software application called Blue Ocean that provides real-time monitoring of dozens of a facility's performance metrics. Learn more about the company by clicking here.

In other news in the Business & Industry Digital Community, a recent market research report indicates that growth in procedure volume in the U.S. MRI market has slowed to single-digit rates in the last four years, after a period of double-digit increases over the previous four years. Find out how much -- and why -- by clicking here.

Another new market research report is projecting strong growth for flat-panel digital detectors in Europe, a trend you can read about by clicking here. And learn about why there may still be a chance to revive plans to build a nuclear reactor in Canada to produce medical isotopes.

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