The rise of theranostics: Part 3 -- What is a theranostics center?

With therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals coming to market quickly and available to smaller institutions around the U.S., those interested in expanding care using emerging radioligand therapies (RLTs) may be deciding on how to start or where to expand.

Eliot Siegel, MD; Stanislav Spiridonov, MD; Nathan Gee, MD; and Anthony Chang, PhD, are among a niche gathering of early adopters, entrepreneurial physicians, medical physicists, and investors with a sweet spot for nuclear medicine, diagnostic radiology, and radiation oncology.

For this third in a series of articles covering the rise of theranostics, asked several of those at the forefront to discuss freestanding theranostics center development, their roles, and some of the obstacles they've encountered with introducing the new model of care.