Doc proposes virtual autopsy for coroner's office

2020 10 29 23 08 3417 Human Body Xray 400

A nuclear medicine physician running for county coroner in Ohio is proposing that if he wins the office, he will adopt virtual autopsy as a method for investigating deaths in the county, according to a local newspaper.

Dr. Steve Bujenovic has filed papers to challenge incumbent Dr. Kevin Sharrett as coroner of Greene County, OH, according to an October 29 article in the Xenia Daily Gazette. Bujenovic proposes to introduce virtual autopsy as a method in the coroner's office, and he plans to leverage his experience in medical imaging to do so, according to the story.

Virtual autopsy is a method in which imaging techniques are used to conduct forensic investigations rather than traditional methods. The technique has found favor in Europe as a method for investigating unexplained deaths, particularly of individuals whose religious beliefs rule out traditional autopsy.

In response to a questionnaire sent to the candidates, Bujenovic said that medical imaging technology can help determine "compassionate and accurate cause of death," the newspaper reported.

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