Video from SNMMI 2019: Dr. Francois Lamoureux on access to PET

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ANAHEIM, CA - Access to PET services is widely variable across the 10 provinces of Canada, according to Dr. François Lamoureux of the Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine. He discusses access to PET in Canada in this video from the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) annual meeting.

For example, the province of Quebec has more PET scanners per capita than the U.S., Lamoureux said. But in neighboring Ontario, access to PET is not nearly as good, despite the fact that it is Canada's most populous province.

Another important trend in nuclear medicine is the development of theranostic agents -- radiopharmaceuticals that can perform both diagnostic and therapeutic roles with the same molecule. Lamoureux sees this combination as tremendously exciting.

"This is not a local treatment. It is a treatment of the whole organ," he said. "Nuclear medicine is almost a nuclear knife. ... We can see all those lesions that are treated."

Dr. François Lamoureux, president of the Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine.

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