Canada to fund new medical isotope facility

2017 03 08 14 25 06 810 Canadian Flag 400

A group of government, academic, and charitable entities in Canada has committed funding to build a new facility to research and develop next-generation medical isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals.

Construction for the Institute for Advanced Medical Isotopes (IAMI) is valued at $31.8 million Canadian ($24 million U.S.), and the institute will be located on the campus of the University of British Columbia's Tri-University Meson Facility (TRIUMF). With additional equipment and philanthropic funding, the total value of the IAMI project will be more than $50 million Canadian ($38 million U.S.).

IAMI's goals will include the following:

  • Secure isotope supplies
  • Develop next-generation cancer therapies
  • Accelerate global drug development
  • Improve health outcomes for Canadians
  • Provide certified infrastructure for isotope production

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