Nuclear medicine doc gets $100K settlement

A nuclear medicine physician who charged that he was the victim of age discrimination and harassment at Ohio State University will receive $100,000 to settle the case, according to a September 27 article published by The Lantern.

Dr. Nathan Hall had charged that the university's department of radiology discriminated against him while he served as division chief of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, the article states. Hall, who was division chief from 2006 to 2014, said he began to experience "criticism" and "arbitrary and unidentifiable" productivity demands from the department's chair, Dr. Richard White, who was hired in 2010.

Hall accused the department of trying to favor younger faculty members starting in 2013 as part of an alleged initiative to have tenure-track faculty members older than 40 move off the tenure track to "get ahead" on the clinical track, according to the article. Hall, who was 41 at the time White was hired, was removed from his position as division chief in April 2014 and replaced by a younger person in her 30s.

Hall resigned his position at Ohio State after a university investigation failed to find sufficient evidence supporting his claims. Hall followed up with a complaint filed in January 2015, but the two sides agreed to the $100,000 settlement on September 7, and Hall agreed not to pursue any further claims against the university.

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