What do you look like on Google? | The future of PET/MRI | When Andy met Ryan

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What do your patients find when they search your name on Google? You might be surprised to find out, according to a new article we're featuring this week in our Imaging Leaders Community.

Researchers from Emory University analyzed the top 10 search results for all U.S. radiologists in a Medicare database to find out what sites came up when patients performed Google searches. They found that the highest-ranked sites tended to be third-party physician rating sites, such as Healthgrades.com and Vitals.com.

The problem with these sites is that physicians have little control over their content -- meaning radiologists have no way to influence their public presence before patients.

What can you do about it? Fortunately, the researchers offer several suggestions. Find out what they are by clicking here, or visit our community at leaders.auntminnie.com.

The future of PET/MRI

What does the future hold for PET/MRI? The hybrid modality is an amazingly powerful technology, capable of providing exquisite anatomical detail along with important functional information, with far less radiation dose than PET/CT.

But it's also amazingly expensive, and that could hold back its broader diffusion, according to a new article we're highlighting in our Molecular Imaging Community. The story is based on an overview of PET/MRI that details both the challenges and potential of the technology.

Learn more about this exciting modality's future by clicking here, or visit the community at molecular.auntminnie.com.

When Andy met Ryan

We had a great response to our launch last week of #MyRadGirlfriend, our new comic strip on the trials and tribulations of Andy, a second-year radiology resident. This week we're pleased to introduce Andy to Ryan, and sparks fly immediately. Will this be the start of something special? Find out by clicking here.

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