Siemens unveils new SPECT system

Siemens Healthcare has launched a new version of the company's Symbia E system that is designed to fit into smaller rooms.

Symbia Evo Excel SPECT is a multipurpose device for hospital and outpatient centers with general nuclear medicine imaging needs. The system fits into a room as small as 11 ft 8 inches x 15 ft, and it features a 30% larger bore size, a patient bed that can support up to 500 lb, and flexible detectors to better serve obese or critically ill patients, according to Siemens.

Siemens believes that the system's smaller size will virtually eliminate costs involved in room renovation and expansion. In addition, the system's short tunnel length and maximum scan length of up to 6 ft 7 inches makes it well-suited for claustrophobic and tall patients.

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